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9 de Noviembre de 2009

Publicamos el listado completo (o el más completo hasta ahora) de los libros de Enid Blyton. Dicha lista fue publicada en el Grupo de Blyton en Yahoo, el más numeroso del mundo sobre la escritora.

Enid Blyton y los niños.


Ordenado por fecha de publicación.

1922            Child Whispers
1923            Real Fairies: poems
1923            Responsive Singing Games
1924            Songs of Gladness: words by Enid Blyton. music by Alec Rowley
1924            The Enid Blyton Book of Fairies
1924            The Zoo Book
1925            Reading Practice. Nos. 1-5. 8. 9. 11 (1925 6- Nos. 6. 7. 10 not published)
1925            Silver and Gold
1925            The Enid Blyton Book of Bunnies
1926            Sunny Stories for Little Folks. Edited by Enid Blyton. Followed by Enid Blyton's Sunny Stories 1937-52
1926            Tales Half Told
1926            The Bird Book
1926            The Book of Brownies
1926            The Teachers' Treasury. 3 vols. Edited by Enid Blyton
1927            A Book of Little Plays
1927            Plays for Older Children and Plays for Younger Children
1927            The Animal Book
1927            The Play's the Thing! Musical plays for children with music by Alec Rowley.  Reprinted in 1940 in 2 vols. as
1928            Aesop's Fables: retold
1928            Let's Pretend
1928            Modern teaching in the Infant School. 4 vols.
1928            Modern Teaching. Practical suggestions for junior and senior schools. General editor Enid Blyton. 6 vols.
1928            Old English Stories: retold
1928            Pinkity's Pranks and other Nature Fairy Stories: retold
1928            Tales of Brer Rabbit: retold
1929            Nature Lessons
1929            Tarydiddle Town
1930            Pictorial Knowledge. 10 vols. Enid Blyton was assistant editor and contributed verse section
1930            Tales from the Arabian Nights. John O'London's Children's Library
1930            Tales of Ancient Greece. John O'London's Children's Library
1930            Tales of Robin Hood. John O'London's Children s Library
1930            The Knights of the Round Table. John O'London's Children's Library
1933            Cheerio! A book for boys and girls
1933            Five Minute Tales: sixty short stories for children
1933            Let's Read
1933            My First Reading Book
1933            Read to Us
1934            Round the Year with Enid Blyton. 4 parts: Spring Summer Autumn Winter
1934            Tales of the Ancient Greeks and Persians. Stories from World History retold
1934            Tales of the Romans. Stories from World History retold
1934            Ten Minute Tales
1934            The Adventures of Odysseus. Stories from World History retold
1934            The Enid Blyton Poetry Book
1934            The Old Thatch Series 8 vols. 1934-5
1934            The Red Pixie Book
1934            The Story of the Siege of Troy. Stories from World History retold
1934            Treasure Trove Readers. Junior series compiled by Enid Blyton
1935            Hedgerow Tales
1935            Nature Observation Pictures. 32 pictures in 4 folders from The Birds of the British Isles by Thomas
A. Coward. Selected with footnotes by Enid Blyton
1935            Six Enid Blyton Plays
1935            The Children's Garden
1935            The Green Goblin Book
1936            Birds of the Wayside and Woodland. Edited. and with introductory chapters by Enid Blyton. By Thomas A.
1936            Coward
1936            Fifteen Minute Tales
1936            The Famous Jimmy
1936            The Yellow Fairy Book
1937            Adventures of the Wishing Chair
1938            Billy-Bob Tales
1938            Heyo, Brer Rabbit! tales of Brer Rabbit and his Friends
1938            Mr. Galliano's Circus
1938            The Adventures of Binkle and Flip
1938            The Old Thatch, second series, 8 vols., 1939-39
1938            The Secret Island
1939            Boys' and Girls' Circus Book
1939            Cameo Plays Book 4. Edited by George H. Holroyd. Book 4 only by Enid Blyton
1939            How the Flowers Grow, and Other Musical Plays
1939            Hurrah for the Circus!
1939            Naughty Amelia Jane
1939            School Plays: six plays for schools
1939            The Blyton-Sharman Musical Plays for Juniors. 6 parts. Words by Enid Blyton
1939            The Enchanted Wood
1939            The Wishing Bean and other plays
1940            Birds of our Gardens
1940            Boys' and Girls' Story Book
1940            Children of Cherry Tree Farm
1940            Children of Kidillin. First published under pseudonym of Mary Pollock
1940            Mr. Meddle's Mischief;
1940            Naughtiest Girl in the School
1940            Tales of Betsy-May
1940            The Little Tree House, being the Adventures of Josie, Click and Bun.  Reprinted in 1951 as Josie,
Click and Bun and the Little Tree House
1940            The News Chronicle Boys' and Girls' Book
1940            The Secret of Spiggy Holes
1940            The Treasure Hunters
1940            Three Boys and a Circus. First published under pseudonym of Mary Pollock
1940            Twenty Minute Tales
1941            A Calendar for Children
1941            Enid Blyton's Book at the Year
1941            Five O clock Tales
1941            The Adventures of Mr. Pink-Whistle
1941            The Adventurous Four
1941            The Babar Story Book. Told by Enid Blyton. The first half reprinted in 1942 as Tales of Babar
1941            The Further Adventures of Josie. Click and Bun
1941            The Secret Mountain
1941            The Twins, at St. Clare's
1942            Circus Days Again
1942            Enid Blyton Happy Story Book
1942            Enid Blyton Readers. Books 1-3
1942            Enid Blyton's Little Books. First of series
1942            Five on a Treasure Island
1942            Hello, Mr. Twiddle
1942            I'll Tell You a Story
1942            I'll Tell You Another Story
1942            John Jolly at Christmas Time
1942            Land of Far-Beyond
1942            Mary Mouse and the Doll's House
1942            More Adventures on Willow Farm
1942            Naughtiest Girl Again
1942            Shadow the Sheep Dog
1942            Six O'clock Tales
1942            The Children of Willow Farm,
1942            The further adventures of Brer Rabbit
1942            The O'Sullivan Twins
1943            Bimbo and Topsy
1943            Dame Slap and her School
1943            Five Go Adventuring Again
1943            John Jolly by the Sea
1943            John Jolly on the Farm
1943            Merry Story Book
1943            More Adventures of Mary Mouse
1943            Polly Piglet
1943            Seven o'clock Tales
1943            Smuggler Ben. Published under pseudonym of Mary Pollock
1943            Summer Term at St. Clare's
1943            The Adventures of Scamp.  Published under the pseudonym of Mary Pollock
1943            The Children's Life of Christ
1943            The Magic Faraway Tree
1943            The Mystery of the Burnt Cottages
1943            The Secret of Killimooin
1943            The Toys Come to Life
1944            A Book of Naughty Children
1944            At Appletree Farm
1944            Billy and Betty at the Seaside
1944            Claudine at St. Clare's
1944            Come to the Circus
1944            Eight O'clock Tales
1944            Enid Blyton Readers Books 4 - 6
1944            Enid Blyton s Nature Lover's Book
1944            Five Run Away Together
1944            Jolly Little Jumbo
1944            Jolly Story Book
1944            Little Mary Mouse Again
1944            Rainy Day Stories
1944            Tales from the Bible
1944            Tales of Toyland
1944            The Boy Next Door
1944            The Christmas Book
1944            The Dog that went to Fairyland
1944            The Island of Adventure
1944            The Mystery of the Disappearing Cat
1944            The Second Form at St. Clare's
1944            The Three Golliwogs
1945            Enid Blyton Nature Readers. Nos. 1-20
1945            Fifth Formers at St. Clare's
1945            Five go to Smugglers' Top
1945            Hallo, Little Mary Mouse
1945            Hollow Tree House
1945            John Jolly at the Circus
1945            Naughtiest Girl is a Monitor
1945            Round the Clock Stories
1945            Sunny Story Book
1945            Teddy Bear's Party
1945            The Blue Story Book
1945            The Brown Family
1945            The Caravan Family
1945            The Conjuring Wizard and other stories
1945            The Family at Red Roofs,
1945            The First Christmas, photographs by  Paul Henning
1945            The Mystery of the Secret Room
1945            The Runaway Kitten, :
1945            The Twins go to Nursery-Rhyme Land
1946            Amelia Jane Again
1946            Chimney Corner Stories
1946            Enid Blyton Nature Readers. Nos. 21-30
1946            First Term at Malory Towers
1946            Five go off in a Caravan
1946            Gay StoryBook
1946            Josie, Click and Bun Again
1946            Little White Duck and other stories
1946            Mary Mouse and her Family
1946            Tales of Green Hedges
1946            The Bad Little Monkey
1946            The Castle of Adventure
1946            The Children at Happy House
1946            The Enid Blyton Holiday Book. First of a series. Followed by Holiday Books 2-12
1946            The Folk of the Faraway Tree
1946            The Mystery of the Spiteful Letters
1946            The Put-em-rights
1946            The Red Story Book
1946            The Surprising Caravan
1946            The Train that Lost its Way
1947            A Second Book of Naughty Children
1947            At Seaside Cottage
1947            Before I go to Sleep: a book of Bible stories and prayers for children at night
1947            Enid Blyton's Treasury
1947            Five on Kirrin Island Again
1947            Here Comes Mary Mouse Again
1947            Jinky Nature Books. 4 parts
1947            Little Green Duck and other stories
1947            Lucky Story Book
1947            Mischief at St. Rollo's. Published under the pseudonym of Mary Pollock
1947            More about Josie, Click and Bun,
1947            Rambles with Uncle Nat
1947            The Adventurous Four Again
1947            The Green Story Book
1947            The Happy House Children Again
1947            The House at the Corner
1947            The Mystery of the Missing Necklace
1947            The Saucy Jane Family
1947            The Second Form at Malory Towers
1947            The Secret of Cliff Castle. Published under the pseudonym of Mary Pollock
1947            The Smith Family. Books 1-3
1947            The Valley of Adventure
1947            The Very Clever Rabbit
1948            Brer Rabbit and his Friends
1948            Brer Rabbit Book. First of a Series followed by second to eighth Brer Rabbit Books
1948            Come to the Circus. Different book from the one of the same title Published in 1944 by Brockhampton
1948            Enid Blyton Readers. Book 7
1948            Enid Blyton's Bedtime Series. 2 Parts
1948            Five go off to Camp
1948            How do you do, Mary Mouse
1948            Jolly Tales
1948            Just time for a Story
1948            Let's Garden
1948            Lets have a Story
1948            Mister Icy-Cold
1948            More Adventures of Pip
1948            Nature Tales
1948            Now for a Story,
1948            Six Cousins at Mistletoe Farm
1948            Tales after Tea
1948            Tales of the Twins
1948            The Adventures of Pip
1948            The Boy with the Loaves and Fishes
1948            The Little Girl at Capernaum
1948            The Mystery of the Hidden House
1948            The Red-spotted handkerchief and other stories
1948            The Sea of Adventure
1948            The Secret of the Old Mill
1948            They Ran Away Together
1948            Third Year at Malory Towers
1948            We want a Story
1949            A Cat in Fairyland
1949            A Reference Book to Enid Blyton Nature Plates
1949            A Story Party at Green Hedges
1949            Bumpy and his Bus
1949            Chuff the Chimney Sweep
1949            Don't be Silly, Mr. Twiddle
1949            Enid Blyton Bible Pictures, Old Testament,
1949            Enid Blyton's Daffodil Story Book
1949            Enid Blyton's Good Morning Book.
1949            Five get into Trouble
1949            Humpty Dumpty and Belinda
1949            Jinky's Joke and other stories
1949            Little Noddy goes to Toyland
1949            Mr. Tumpy and his Caravan
1949            My Enid Blyton Bedside Book. First of a series. Followed by Enid Blyton's Bedside Books 2-12
1949            Oh, What a Lovely Time
1949            Reference Book to Old Testament Bible Plates
1949            Robin Hood Book
1949            Stories and Notes to Enid Blyton Nature Plates. A teacher's edition of Readers
1949            Tales after Supper
1949            The Bluebell Story Book
1949            The Circus Book
1949            The Dear Old Snow Man
1949            The Enchanted Sea
1949            The Enid Blyton Bible Stories, Old Testament. 14 titles
1949            The Mountain of Adventure
1949            The Mystery of the Pantomime Cat
1949            The Rockingdown Mystery
1949            The Secret Seven
1949            The Strange Umbrella
1949            The Upper Fourth at Malory Towers
1949            Those Dreadful Children
1949            Tiny Tales
1950            A Book of Magic
1950            A Complete List of Books by Enid Blyton. Foreword by Enid Blyton
1950            Enid Blyton Readers. Books 10-12
1950            Enid Blyton s Little Book No. 1. First of a series. Followed by Nos. 2-6
1950            Five Fall into Adventure
1950            Hurrah for Little Noddy
1950            In the Fifth at Mallory Towers
1950            Mister Meddle's Muddles
1950            Mr. Pinkwhistle Interferes
1950            Rilloby Fair Mystery
1950            Round the Year Stories
1950            Round the Year with Enid Blyton
1950            Rubbalong Tales
1950            Secret Seven Adventure
1950            Six Cousins Again
1950            Tales about Toys
1950            The Astonishing Ladder and Other Stories
1950            The Enid Blyton Pennant Series. 30 parts
1950            The Magic Knitting Needles and other stories
1950            The Mystery of the Invisible Thief
1950            The Pole Star Family
1950            The Poppy Story Book
1950            The Seaside Family
1950            The Ship of Adventure
1950            The Three Naughty Children and other Stories
1950            The Wishing Chair Again
1950            Tricky the Goblin and other Stories
1950            We do Love Mary Mouse
1950            Welcome Mary Mouse
1950            What an Adventure
1950            Yellow Story Book
1951            A Picnic Party with Enid Blyton
1951            A Prize for Mary Mouse
1951            A Tale of Little Noddy
1951            Benny and the Princess and other stories
1951            Buttercup Story Book
1951            Down at the Farm
1951            Father Christmas and Belinda
1951            Feefo, Tuppeny and Jinks. An abridged edition of the Green Goblin Book published in 1935
1951            Five on a Hike Together
1951            Gay Street Book
1951            Hello Twins
1951            Here Comes Noddy Again
1951            Hurrah for Mary Mouse
1951            Last Term at Malory Towers
1951            Let's Go to the Circus
1951            Noddy and Big Ears have a Picnic
1951            Noddy and his Car
1951            Noddy goes to the Seaside
1951            Noddy has a Shock
1951            Noddy has more Adventures
1951            Noddy off to Rocking Horse Land
1951            Noddy Painting Book
1951            Noddy's House of Books
1951            Pippy and the Gnome and other stories
1951            The Big Noddy Book.  First of a series. Followed by the Big Noddy Books 2-8
1951            The Buttercup Farm Family
1951            The Flying Goat and other stories
1951            The Little Spinning Mouse and other stories
1951            The Magic Snow-bird and other stories
1951            The Mystery of the Vanished Prince
1951            The Proud Golliwog
1951            The Queen Elizabeth Family
1951            The Runaway Teddy Bear and other stories
1951            The Six Bad Boys
1951            'Too-wise' the Wonderful Wizard and other stories
1951            Up the Faraway Tree
1951            Well Done, Secret Seven
1952            Bible Pictures, New Testament
1952            Bright Story Book
1952            Come Along Twins
1952            Enid Blyton Tiny Strip Books. First of a series
1952            Enid Blyton's Animal Lover's Book
1952            Enid Blyton's Colour Strip Book
1952            Enid Blyton's Omnibus
1952            Five have a Wonderful Time
1952            Mandy, Mops and Cubby Again
1952            Mangy, Mops and Cubby Find a House
1952            Mary Mouse and her Bicycle
1952            Mr. Tumpy plays a Trick on Saucepan
1952            My First Enid Blyton Book. First of a Series. Followed by the second and third Enid Blyton Books
1952            My First Nature Book. First of a series. Followed by the second and third Nature Books
1952            Noddy and Big Ears
1952            Noddy and the Witch's Wand
1952            Noddy Colour Strip Book
1952            Noddy goes to School
1952            Noddy's Ark of Book
1952            Noddy's Penny Wheel Car
1952            Noddy's Car gets a Squeak
1952            Reference Book to New Testament Bible Plates
1952            Secret Seven on the Trail,
1952            Snowdrop Story Book
1952            The Children's Jolly Book With W. E. Johns and others
1952            The Circus of Adventure
1952            The Mad Teapot
1952            The Mystery of the Strange Bundle
1952            The Queer Adventure
1952            The Rubadub Mystery
1952            The Story of my Life
1952            The Two sillies and other stories retold by Enid Blyton
1952            The Very Big Secret
1952            Welcome Josie, Click and Bun
1952            Well Done, Noddy
1953            Clicky the Clockwork Clown
1953            Enid Blyton's Christmas Story
1953            Five Go Down to the Sea
1953            Go Ahead Secret Seven
1953            Gobo and Mr. Fierce
1953            Here Come the Twins
1953            Little Gift Books. Translated by Enid Blyton. First of a series
1953            Mandy makes Cubby a Hat
1953            Mary Mouse and the Noah's Ark
1953            Mr. Tumpy in the Land of Wishes
1953            My Enid Blyton Story Book
1953            New Noddy Colour Strip Book
1953            Noddy and the Cuckoo's Nest
1953            Noddy at the Seaside
1953            Noddy Cut-Out Model Book
1953            Noddy gets Captured
1953            Noddy is Very Silly
1953            Noddy's Garage of Books
1953            Playways Annual. By Enid Blyton and others
1953            Snowball the Pony
1953            The Children's Book of Prayers. Chosen by Enid Blyton
1953            The Enid Blyton Bible Stories. New Testament. 14 books
1953            The Mystery of Holly Lane
1953            The New Big Noddy Book
1953            The Secret of Moon Castle
1953            The Story of Our Queen
1953            Visitors in the Night
1953            Well really Mr. Twiddle!
1954            Enid Blyton Magazine Annual.  First of four Enid Blyton's Marigold Story Book
1954            Enid Blyton's Friendly Story Book
1954            Enid Blyton's Noddy Giant Painting Book
1954            Enid Blyton's Noddy Pop-up Book
1954            Five go to Mystery Moor
1954            Good Work, Secret Seven
1954            How Funny You Are, Noddy!
1954            Little Strip Picture Books. A series
1954            Mary Mouse to the Rescue
1954            Merry Mister Meddle!
1954            More about Amelia Jane
1954            Noddy and the Magic Rubber
1954            Noddy's Castle of Books
1954            The Adventure of the Secret Necklace
1954            The Castle Without a Door and other stories
1954            The Children at Green Meadows
1954            The Greatest Book in the World
1954            The Little Toy Farm and other stories
1954            The Mystery of Tally-Ho Cottage
1955            Away goes Sooty
1955            Benjy and the Others
1955            Bible Stories from the New Testament
1955            Bible Stories from the Old Testament
1955            Bimbo and Blarkie Go Camping
1955            Bobs
1955            Christmas with Scamp and Bimbo
1955            Enid Blyton's Favourite Book of Fables.
1955            Enid Blyton's Little Bedtime Books. 8 books
1955            Enid Blyton's Sooty
1955            Enid Blyton's What Shall I Be?
1955            Finding the Tickets: A Play
1955            Five have Plenty of Fun
1955            Foxglove Story Book
1955            From the Tales of La Fontaine
1955            Gobbo in the Land of Dreams
1955            Golliwog Grumbled
1955            Holiday House
1955            Laughing Kitten. Photographs by Paul Kaye
1955            Mandy, Mops and Cubby and the Whitewash
1955            Mary Mouse in Nursery Rhyme Land
1955            Mischief Again, Photographs by Paul Kaye
1955            More Chimney Corner Stories
1955            Mother's Meeting: A Play
1955            Mr Sly-One and Cats:  A Play
1955            Mr Tumpy in the Land of Boys and Girls
1955            Mr. Pinkwhistle's Party
1955            Neddy the Little Donkey
1955            Noddy in Toyland
1955            Noddy meets Father Christmas
1955            Playing at Home. With S. Schweitzer
1955            Ring o'Bells Mystery
1955            Run-abouts Holiday
1955            Secret Seven Win Through
1955            The River of Adventure
1955            The Troublesome Three,
1955            Who Will Hold the Giant?: A Play
1955            You Funny Little Noddy
1956            A Day with Mary Mouse
1956            A Day with Noddy
1956            Be Brave, Little Noddy!
1956            Bom the Little Toy Drummer
1956            Colin the Cow-boy
1956            Enid Blyton's Noddy Playday Painting Book
1956            Enid Blyton's Animal Tales
1956            Enid Blyton's Book of her famous play; Noddy in Toyland
1956            Five on a Secret Trail
1956            Four in a Family
1956            Let's have a Party. Photographs by Paul Kaye
1956            Noddy and his Friends.  A pop-up picture book.
1956            Noddy and Tessie Bear
1956            Noddy Nursery Rhymes
1956            Rat-a-tat Mystery
1956            Scamp at School
1956            Story Book of Jesus
1956            The Clever Little Donkey
1956            The Mystery of the Missing Man
1956            The Noddy Toy Station Books. Nos. 1-5
1956            Three Cheers Secret Seven
1957            Bom and His Magic Drumstick
1957            Children's Own WonderBook. Containing contributions by Enid Blyton and others
1957            Do Look Out, Noddy
1957            Enid Blyton's Bom Painting Book
1957            Five go to Billycock Hill
1957            Mary Mouse and the Garden Party
1957            New Testament Picture Books l-2
1957            Noddy and Bumpy Dog
1957            Noddy's New Big Book
1957            Secret Seven Mystery
1957            The Mystery of the Strange Messages
1958            Birthday Kitten
1958            Bom goes Adventuring
1958            Clicky gets into Trouble
1958            Five get into a Fix
1958            Mary Mouse goes to the Fair
1958            Mr. Pink-Whistle's Big Book
1958            My Big-Ears Picture Book
1958            My Noddy Picture Book
1958            Noddy has an Adventure
1958            Noddy's Own Nursery Rhymes
1958            Puzzle for the Secret Seven
1958            Rumble and Chuff
1958            The Noddy Shop Book. Nos. 1-5
1958            The School Companion. A Practical guide to work and play. Contains a special section for the very
young and a quick reference encyclopaedia for the older child. By Enid Blyton and others
1958            You're a Good Friend, Noddy
1959            A.B.C. with Noddy
1959            Bom and the Clown
1959            Bom and the Rainbow
1959            Dog Stories. This is Three Boys and a Circus, which was first published 1940, and Adventures of
Scamp, first published 1943
1959            Hello Bom and Wuffy Dog
1959            Mary Mouse has a Wonderful idea
1959            Noddy and Bunkey
1959            Noddy goes to Sea
1959            Noddy's Car Picture Book
1959            Ragamuffin Mystery
1959            Secret Seven Fireworks
1960            Adventure of the Strange Ruby
1960            Adventure Stories
1960            Bom goes to Magic Town
1960            Cheer Up, Little Noddy
1960            Clicky and Tiptoe
1960            Five on Finniston Farm
1960            Good old Secret Seven
1960            Happy Day Stories
1960            Here Comes Bom
1960            Mary Mouse goes to Sea
1960            Mystery Stories
1960            Noddy Goes to the Fair
1960            Noddy's One, Two, Three Book
1960            Noddy's Tall Blue Book. Also Green, Orange, Pink, Red and Yellow Books. Six books in all
1960            Old Testament Picture Books
1960            Tales at Bedtime
1960            Will the Fiddle
1961            Bom at the Seaside,
1961            Bom goes to the Circus
1961            Five go to Demon's Rocks
1961            Happy Holiday, Clicky
1961            Mary Mouse Goes Out for the Day
1961            Mr. Plod and Little Noddy
1961            Noddy's Toyland Train Picture Book
1961            Shock for the Secret Seven
1961            The Big Enid Blyton Book
1961            The Mystery of Banshee Towers
1961            The Mystery That Never Was
1962            A Day at School with Noddy
1962            Five have a Mystery to Solve
1962            Fun with Mary Mouse
1962            Look out Secret Seven
1962            Noddy and the Tootles
1962            Stories for Monday
1962            Stories for Tuesday
1962            The Four Cousins
1963            Brer Rabbit Again
1963            Five are Together Again
1963            Fun for the Secret Seven
1963            Tales of Brave Adventure retold
1963            The Boy who Wanted a Dog
1964            Enid Blyton's Sunshine Picture Story Book. First of a series
1964            Happy Hours Story Book
1964            Mary Mouse and the Little Donkey
1964            Noddy and the Aeroplane
1964            Story Book for Fives to Sevens
1964            Storytime Book
1964            Tell-a-story Books
1964            Trouble for the Twins
1965            Easy Reader. First of a series
1965            Enid Blyton's Brer Rabbit's a Rascal
1965            Enid Blyton's Sunshine Book
1965            Enid Blyton's Treasure Box
1965            Learn to Count with Noddy
1965            Learn to Go Shopping with Noddy
1965            Learn to Read About Animals with Noddy
1965            Learn to Tell the Time with Noddy
1965            Noddy and His Friends. A Nursery picture book
1965            Noddy Treasure Box
1965            Tales of Long Ago. Retold by Enid Blyton
1965            The Boy Who Came Back
1965            The Man who Stopped to Help
1966            Enid Blyton's Bedtime Annual.  First of a series
1966            Enid Blyton's Playbook. First of a series
1966            Fireside Tales
1966            Gift Book
1966            John and Mary series, 9 books, 1966 - 8
1966            Pixie Tales
1966            Pixieland Story Book
1966            Stories for Bedtime
1966            Stories for You
1966            The Fairy Folk Story Book
1966            The Happy House Children
1967            Holiday Annual Stories
1967            Holiday Magic Stories
1967            Holiday Pixie Stories
1967            Holiday Toy Stories
1967            Noddy and his Passengers
1967            Noddy and the Magic Boots. (With Noddy's Funny Kite.) Cover bears the title "Noddy's Funny Kite"
1967            Noddy and the Noah's Ark Adventure Picture Book
1967            Noddy in Toyland Picture Book
1967            Noddy Toyland ABC Picture Book
1967            Noddy's Aeroplane Picture Book
1967            The Playtime Story Book. Nos. 1-4
1968            Adventures on Willow Farm
1968            Brownie Tales
1968            Once Upon a Time
1968            The Playtime Book. Nos. 9-12"


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